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Track consented consumer data with long-lasting
cross-device technology and activate your audience with an omni-channel experience

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Achieve the single customer view

Connect multiple sources across the entire customer journey and reconcile data under a single customer view

Build bespoke audiences

Design custom audience segments that reflects campaign goals and sync them to marketing automation and advertising platforms in a click

Manage omni-channel campaigns

Orchestrate online and offline user acquisition and retargeting campaigns across all marketing channels

Optimize performances in real-time

Leverage campaign closed-loop real-time data to increase campaign ROI and improve targeting efficiency

Earn with your data

Share your data with the market and exchange audiences with whoever you decide in a private and secure ecosystem

Service Desk

Myntelligence operates as a Managed Service team to meet every client business need. The CampaignManager, the Ad Science and the Tech Account Manager workin the back-end in order to plan, develop and optimize omni-channel campaigns, while the Client Partneris the contact point and campaign coordinator

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